• Applications for the 2017/2018 Leadership Cheyenne County Class are now being accepted!  Click on the links below to download your application and calendar. Submit your application to the Chamber office.  

    2017/2018 LCC - Application

    2017/2018 LCC - Calendar


  • 2016/2017 Leadership Class

    Leadership Cheyenne County 2016-2017 is underway!   The session kicked off with a team building exercise at Sullivan Hills Camp followed by a dinner at the Chamber office provided by Wheat Belt Public Power District and Kelli Chaon.  It was a great start to a series of classes designed to instruct and provide tools for becoming great leaders here in Cheyenne County.   

      Leadership Cheyenne County Class of 2016-2017       

    Leadership Cheyenne County began its 2016-2017 year on September 29.  The first class was a team building exercise at Sullivan Hills Camp followed by a dinner at the Chamber office provided by Wheat Belt Public Power District and Kelli Chaon.

    The LCC committee is very pleased to announce that Jamie Weingart, JNW Consulting, has agreed to be the instructive facilitator for the entire 10-month course. She developed a custom program for the class which includes the following topics: 

    • Maximizing your strengths at work
    • Why people follow
    • Building a high-performance team
    • The five steps of conflict resolution
    • Emotional intelligence in Leadership
    • Communications and teambuilding
    • Generational dynamics
    • Building a culture of accountability and volunteerism

    We are so excited to offer our Leadership students this curriculum and first class instruction and would like to thank the employers of our LCC students for investing in their employees!  You will see a great return on your investment!


    What makes an organization great? Jim Collins, author of the book Good to Great, sums it up by saying that great companies “First get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats. People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” The right people are those individuals who fit into your organization and help you to accomplish your future goals. The same holds true for communities. Those who participate in LCC and help shape the region’s future are the “right people” for the county and continue to be an invaluable resource for our region.
    One of the benefits of participating in LCC is the network of contacts. Your classmates and contacts you make through the program will serve as great resources for many years ahead.

    Leadership Cheyenne County (LCC) is a ten-month program that promotes a better understanding of our community, builds leadership skills, and develops a network of community leaders. Participants will attend a full day learning session each month starting in September and ending in June. The LCC program is composed of leadership training and acclimation with issues and opportunities facing Cheyenne County. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the fabric of our community, including government, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. Included in the program is a kick-off social in August to begin the program, a learning day for team building, education in the areas of: Agriculture, Health Care, Education, Legal/Law, Economic Development, Human Services, City/County, and an overnight trip to Lincoln in February to visit the state legislature.

    There is really only one way to learn how to do something and that is to do it. Learning to lead is no different. Not only do you obtain worthwhile community leadership experience, but you also will provide a valuable service to the region. If you are interested in the program or have questions, please contact Denise Wilkinson at 308-254-5851.

    **Applications will be accepted June 1st-July 31st.**

    To broaden and deepen the pool of community-based leaders; people who will dedicate themselves to accomplishing worthwhile community goals with a sense of vision, purpose, excitement and common good. Participants will leave this program with an improved understanding of the potential of Cheyenne County and its citizens, as well the leadership skills necessary to advance Cheyenne County into the future.

    Program Basics:

    • Eight individual learning days that focus on different aspects of Cheyenne County.

    • Each Learning Day will start at 8 a.m. and end at 4 p.m.

    • Leadership skill development will occur during each learning day.

    • A Kick-off Social will be held to introduce the class

    The first learning day in September consists of a full day program:
    • Course Introduction and Expectations

    • Teambuilding

    • History of Cheyenne County

    • The class will be required to complete a group volunteer project to the betterment of Cheyenne County.

    • In February, the class will travel to Lincoln to visit the legislature.  This will involve an overnight stay.

    • Graduation will occur in June.

    Program Requirements:

    - Participants for Leadership Cheyenne County will need to submit an application for review. Attendance is mandatory. Participants that miss more one full day or two half-days will not be able to graduate with their current class. However, the participant may graduate with the following class upon attendance at the previously missed days.

    - Tuition is $450 per participant. This will cover the cost of the trip to Lincoln, all meals and snacks, and all materials necessary for the program.

  • Leadership Cheyenne County Testimonials:

    'The Cheyenne County Leadership program was an incredible learning and leadership experience. I was especially impacted by the various leadership lessons, built within the Strengths Finder curricula. This highly practical program allowed me to assess critical leadership skills and learn alternatives where I needed to grow as a leader.'

    'This produced motivation within me to change the way I look at my day to day work; to raise to the next level. I now serve as an inspirational leader within my organization, as a supervisor. The plaque on my wall and the Strengths Finder book that sits on my desk, both serve as daily reminders to me of how to lead my organization to ensure success.'

    Nichole Peralta, MA, LIMHP, LPC, Mental Health Supervisor 


    2016/2017  Leadership Class visiting the Nebraska State Capitol721.jpg